Know AEA-

We are a DMC serving end to end service in Bangladesh, Nepal and some part of India, we intend to expand more around South Asian countries.

We offer domestic flights to our destinations.

Transport we provide is of good standing.

Packages are prepared to your taste and desire.

We have happy customers who love to travel with us.

We provide high quality services.

Happy Traveler


Our Values

Daily Tours

You can start a tour with us any day and everyday. We offer our services without compromising quality and best available in the area or to your desired standard.

Best Price Guaranteed

We offer you tours value for money and we can assure that our prices are the best compared with the services we provide.

Walking Tours

We are developing Walking tours in our destinations, You can walk the cities, the beaches and historical places, villages.

Life Changing Journeys

Life is full of challenges, traveling in the third world you face different challenges and this is a life changing experience. You learn different cultures, lifestyles and the exotic food habits, which you are not used to. Accepting it you learn more and make your journeys as a learning episode.

Eco Tours and Home stays

We offer some of the Eco village tours in our destinations and you can enjoy the village tours along with home stays, where you can enjoy cooking classes, learn local culture, agriculture, fishing and mingle around with the locals.

Journeys of Passion

The world is one but many cluster, many clans, many creeds, we need to match where ever we move, and we need to manage with each movement. Travel is a passion, passion to explore. Explore the inner meaning of a destination. Where ever we take you we carry you through the colours and shades, enchanting cultures, embracing lives and matching all your hidden desires.

Just not seeing places, but also planting trees for offsetting the carbon foot print, teaching traditions, learn cooking traditional foods and the deep desire you have in your mind for the place, people, culture, nature, tradition and transformation.

Our long cherished experience and the enthusiasm all together we present you the deeper insight of the destination.

Professionalism is in our mind and we translate it into action, to make you smile in the land of smiles. We carefully choose and pick services so it fulfills your satisfaction with your budget. Today, the most sensitive issue is a healthy and safe travel, we do not have a seal but you will find our care all through.

We welcome you with million smiles where ever you are with us.

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